Losing My History – Expat Issues

I’m a storyteller. Sharing funny moments from my life with family and friends is part of my identity. So when we moved overseas to Taiwan, something unexpected happened. In the course of a 13 hour plane ride, I became a nobody. It was as if my life, my stories, my history suddenly became a burner cell phone. Pull the sim and discard in the nearest trash (which by the way, is pretty hard to find here if you know what I mean). If you have moved across cultures, you know exactly what I’m talking about. And it doesn’t necessarily require a … Continue reading Losing My History – Expat Issues

We Are Different…Education

By Todd Blackhurst One of the things that is both intriguing and disturbing about another culture is the differences. Some people find that experiencing life from a different point of view is at first exciting or interesting, but then after a while, maybe irritating, even to the point of total frustration. Western Cultures have a similar background, shared history and many common “cultural idiosyncrasies”, if I can borrow a term. What I mean is that most Western Cultures tend to do many things in a way that feels similar. Asian Cultures also share a set of these “cultural idiosyncrasies”. These … Continue reading We Are Different…Education